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2017 Can Am X3 Build

Posted by San Diego Powerhouse on

Today we were brought a 2017 Can Am X3 into our shop with the customer wanting to make it the same HP as the 2020, although we were able to make it even better. 

First, we installed the Evo Powersports Stage 4RWi Multi Map ECU Flash, which also included Flow Matched Injectors. We also installed a Waste Gate Actuator, 2018 Fuel Pump, Silicone Charge Tubes, Vent to Atmosphere Blow Off Valve and topped that combo with Evo's Cat and Muffler Bypass Race Pipe with an Integrated Bullet Muffler. Then, to help with air filtration we installed an S&B Particle Separator and their new Dry Washable Filter. Lastly, we strengthened the front end of the car by installing the S3 Bulk Head, Shock Tower Brace and full Gusset Kit! 

This car rips better than ever now, call to get yours built today!


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