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Dirt Tricks Rear Steel Sprocket, KTM 48T

Dirt Tricks Rear Steel Sprocket, KTM 48T


The Dirt Tricks Beta Zirconium Rear Sprocket is part of the next revolutionary change in weight and color!

  • The new Zirconium sprocket design comes in two colors and is two ounces lighter than the Dirt Tricks chrome-plated sprocket.
  • The weight of the new design is comparable to most of the performance aluminum sprockets, and is lighter than the twin metal designs available.
  • The new coating on this sprocket reduces friction up to 50%, increases durability, and looks sharp!
  • Just like the Dirt Tricks chrome-plated sprocket, this one is backed up with a two-year guarantee.
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.