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S&B Replacement Air Filter Can-Am Maverick & Textron Wildcat


Fits Can-Am Maverick 2015-2018 & Textron Wildcat 2018-2020

How To Clean : 
Our new Can-Am filter is super easy to clean. Just follow the steps below to breathe new life into your dirty filter. If the filter media or rubber looks damaged, do not re-use.

-First, make sure to wear protective eyewear throughout the cleaning process. Remove the dirty air filter from the UTV's airbox and lightly tap the top several times on a hard service to knock out any debris, being careful not to bend the cage or pleats.
-Blow out the filter from the inside out using the nozzle no closer than 1" from media. Continue to move nozzle taking care not to focus it on one specific area. Use an OSHA approved regulator at no more than 30psi.
-Use the nozzle to blow out the outside of the filter an angle to remove any large debris that was not removed in Step 1 and 2. Be careful not to blow debris back into media. Then blow out once more from the inside out.
Optional : 
-Use a standard garden hose turned up to 75% its max strength and wash the filter from the inside out.
Wash the outside of the filter to remove any remaining debris. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until the media is returned close to its original white color. Allow the filter to dry before use. A small fan can be used to accelerate the process. Do not use hot air.

You should dispose of the filter after servicing it 10 times in order to ensure your engine is properly protected. Prior to you reinstalling your air filter, carefully inspect the cage, pleats and the silicone rubber for any damage. If you see any damage to the cage, pleats or rubber, DO NOT use the filter!